Drain Cleaning

DRAIN CLEANING services is our specialty. Alamo Plumbing Solutions offers all types of plumbing and drain services. Most service calls Made to Alamo Plumbing Solutions are usually customers needing drain services or sewer camera inspections. Using the modern type plumbing and drain cleaning equipment for all your plumbing needs. DRAIN cleaning, DRAIN REPAIRS, DRAIN CAMERA SERVICES, DRAIN locating, DRAIN pipe reroutes or any DRAIN replacements are just a few PLUMBING or DRAIN services. Alamo Plumbing Solutions can service any type of DRAIN problem. Most drain cleaning services can be easily solved. Some drain service require a camera service. A drain camera service is an internal camera inspection usually used to see inside the pipe. We also provide another service with a compatible device that is used to locate where the problem or defect is. This device is a locator used to determine the depth of a sewer or drian pipe. Some are unaware of WHERE there plumbing or drain problems are. Alamo Plumbing Solutions can find that drain or sewer problem fast and easy using a camera and drain locating device. It is possible that your clog or leak can be on the city side. There are many times it is on the city side. Some cities offer a drain camera reimbursement up to $250. There are times some cities dont offer any thing on drain camera service. Call anytime to schedule any type of plumbing or drain cleaning service. Wether its a dripping faucet or a Drain clog needing cleaning. We offer “TRUE 24 HOUR” PLUMBING and DRAIN service
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