Sewer Cleaning & sewer repairs

Sewer cleaning and sewer repairs is our specialty. Alamo Plumbing Solutions offers many types of sewer services. Alamo Plumbing Solutions performs outstanding plumbing and drain cleaning service through out all of San Antonio and surrounding areas. We offer all type of sewer & drain cleanig on any type of clog. Using modern plumbing and drain equipment to make it fast and easy. We can offer compitive pricing on any sewer repairs or drain servies only because everything is done in house. We dont sub-contract any plumbing, sewer or sewer repairs. All sewerline repairs or replacements are done 100% by Alamo Plumbning Solutions. This is why we stay compatitive on our prices. When it comes to sewer cleaning or sewer repairs, you need a permanent plumbing solution instead of a quick fix. Many times a sewer clog can be identified on your local city side. You can trust Alamo Plumbing Solutions to get it fixed quickly and efficiently with one of the best warranties and gaurantess in the plumbing trade. Sewer clogs or back ups can be caused by many things. Sewer Root intrusion, sewer pipes can be misaligned, sewer pipes can be crushed or seperated due to to shifting of the ground or sometimes it can be that someone can drop something in the toilet or drain that can be lodged in your sewer pipe.
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