Leak Detection

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Water leak detection services are important for any municipal water supply, home, or business owner to use on a regular basis. Water pipes begin to grow weaker at the joints within just a few years of installation, making it vital to have regular maintenance scans to detect any potential problems.

There are obvious signs that you have a water leak, such as water marks on walls or ceilings, but the source of hidden leaks are more difficult to discover. An underground water leak will often show signs that a problem exists; such as:

  • Pools of standing water in normally dry areas
  • Unusually moist areas in flowerbeds
  • A significant change in water pressure
  • Dirt, rust or air in your water
  • Pavement cracking or heaving
  • Sudden increases in water usage

Alamo Plumbing can help you save on water costs, using a variety of techniques to find hidden water leaks around your property.

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