Slab Leaks

SLAB LEAKs are normally a water leak that can be found below or in your foundation. Slab Leaks may require a special type of testing. Leak test or testing for leaks under your slab is a type water test used to determine what type water or drain leak you have. It can require a pinpoint and isolation test. This type of testing is used to split your hot and cold water on your domestic plumbing system in the foundation. Slab leaks are fast and easily found when using the proper equipment. Many times your leak testing can be on your drain system as well. Drain or sewer leaks also in the foundation require a testing. They can require a isolation test as well to determine which drain is leaking. Some SLAB LEAKs can be listed as a covered item on your homeowners insurance policy. Many insurances are different and may only cover certain type of slab leaks. Some leaks in foundation may not be covered through your homeowners insurance. We offer many payment plans and financing options. Slab leaks are our speacialty. Call anytime to schedule a free plumbing estimate