Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Alamo Plumbing Solutions - Slab Leak

While it is easy to notice signs of a slab leak, it’s a bit harder to figure out where the slab leak actually is. Most leaks have general signs such as unusually high water bill or high heating bill or your meter still running when all your taps are closed.

So, how do you find out where your leak is? You will have to look for signs that are specific to certain types of slab leaks.

With this, we discuss the signs you should look out for to find out whether you have a slab leak.

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Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic Test - Leak Detection

Hydrostatic testing is a precise pressure test that is done to identify any visual leaks or deformities present in the plumbing systems.  We fill the lines with an in-compressible liquid, shut off the supply valves and test to make sure proper pressure is maintained throughout the system.  We also do a visual inspection of all the pipes to look for any leaks or distortions in the shape of the pipe that can indicate there is damage or weaknesses in the line.  We also test its strength.  If any leaks or weaknesses are detected, we repair or replace the sections of the pipe that need it.

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