Drain Cleaning

Alamo Plumbing Solutions has the best Drain Cleaning prices in the San Antonio and its surrounding areas. We offer residential and commercial Drain Cleaning, Drain Camera-Inspection and Drain Locating services, and Drain Repairs. Clogged drains are a common and easily fixed plumbing problem. Even with normal usage, residential kitchen and bathroom sinks get clogged with food, hair or other debris. Often the solution is to use a plumber’s snake at the clean out. The Alamo Plumbing Solutions approach is to use our drain cleaning tool that snags the clog or pushes it through to a larger pipe where it can flow into the sewer. Sometimes, a snake or commercial drain cleaner will only repair a clogged drain temporarily. Sometimes, a snake or commercial drain cleaner will only repair a clogged drain temporarily, and pipe replacement may be necessary for a more permanent solution.


The Drain Cleaning Solution

Alamo Plumbing Solutions experts identify clogs that require a more extensive cleaning than using a common or commercial grade drain cleaner, and implement our professional services. Although some clogs are stubborn we extend our authority over the situation and use our proven technique to ensure long lasting free flowing water.

Drain Cleaning Tips

Drain Cleaning may not be the most exciting chore, but the benefits of doing so are entirely worth it. If you find that the process of cleaning them is not too tedious, you should try to make it a part of your weekly duties.

Here are five great benefits of cleaning your drains regularly. (1) Reduce Pipe Blockage, (2) Eliminate Foul Odors (3) Save a Small Fortune (4) Clean Drain, Clean Home (5) Avoid Disasters