Drain Line Inspections 

Alamo Plumbing Solutions provides drain line inspections using professional sewer camera equipment to help diagnose drain issues.

Drain Line Camera Inspection

Our onsite Master Plumber uses state-of-the-art camera inspection equipment that are specially designed to allow a visual inspection of the sewer line and underground pipes & plumbing system under the cement or foundation of a location. 

Our high-tech cameras are inserted into the sewer line, allowing travel through the sewage, to be able to properly inspect drain lines up to 36 inches in diameter. With this, our pro plumbing staff can identify tools and resources needed for the drain line fix. 

Alamo Plumbing Solutions - Drain Line Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspections – Reaching The Toughest Places

Our state of the art video equipment and drain camera allows us to perform a thorough examination. Sewer camera inspection allows our professional staff to get an accurate picture of the condition of the sewer to determine the extent of any damage.

How Video Camera Inspection Works

Camera Inspection

Thorough sewer line camera inspection

Examine Obstruction

Identify blockage in sewer drain system

Signal To Locator

Determine depts and direction of opbstruction

Remove Drain Blockage

Remove blockage and rerun camera scope

How Do We Use Cameras To Identify The Problem?

When the camera finds an object, it sends a signal to the locator device, which determines the precise location of the defect. The device locator determines the exact depth, direction, and point of entry. In some cases, the issues can also include city sewer lateral. Our expert plumbing staff will help educate and guide you how we determine if the city sewer lateral might be an issue. If the sewer inspection turns up problems at the city sewer lateral, the city may offer customer reimbursement for the camera inspection services.

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Reasons for a Sewer Camera Inspection

As part of our plumbing services, a sewer scope can minimize the additional costs that can occur for additional plumbing repairs. With this, it enables Alamo Plumbing Solutions to perform plumbing repairs quicker & easier without having to compromise landscaping or property damages. 

  • Clogged Drain Line
  • Damaged Plumbing Pipes
  • Foreign Object Obstruction
  • Removal

Clogged Drain Line

If your sewer line shows signs of being backed up, you’ll want to consider hiring Alamo Plumbing Solutions to perform a sewer camera inspection to locate the drain blockage. Our Master Plumber and pro plumbing staff have the ability to spot the clog region and tell you what needs to be done and the plan of action to remove the drain block.

Damaged Plumbing Pipes

Our camera inspection results will determine the exact location of the broken plumbing pipes. There are a number of contributing things that can cause significant structure damage and damage plumbing pipes. This includes tree roots, water leaks, drain clogs and old busted or broken pipes. 

Foreign Object Obstruction

We utilize the camera inspection to allow us to determine the object or objects that could cause damage. In some cases, old age and wear and tear of an aged drain system may cause deteriation, collapes, pipe seperation or even allow root intrusion which could puncture the drain system. 


State of the art sewer camera technologies enable us to visually see the blockage and what it consists of. With this, we’re able to determine the proper removal method for the quickest soltuion. We spot the troublesome issues early so they can be corrected with inexpensive plumbing repair methods. 

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Alamo Plumbing Solutions - Drain Line Inspection
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Alamo Plumbing Solutions - Drain Line Inspection
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Alamo Plumbing Solutions - Drain Line Inspection
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Alamo Plumbing Solutions - Drain Line Inspection
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