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DRAIN REPAIRS can be an emergency at the wrong time. Alamo Plumbing Solutions can repair or unclog any Drain, whether it is a Kitchen Drain, Tub Drain or Shower Drain. Your Drains and Sewer Line are vital to ensuring your home functions as it should. These lines are responsible for safely removing large volumes of water and waste from your property, and when they don’t work as they should, you have a serious problem. At Alamo Plumbing Solutions, we offer high-quality sewer and Drain Services you need to keep your home running as it should.

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Drain Repairs

You can clear 95 percent of your stopped-up drain problems with two simple tools – a plunger and a drain snake. However, there will undoubtedly be a time when your drain will not be cleared with this simple strategy. That’s when you can call Alamo Plumbing Solutions to take care of your drain problems. Drain Repairs are our specialty and we enjoy making your plumbing system work the way it was designed to do so. With over 17 years of experience in the plumbing industry, we have come to be experts in Drain Repairs.


Drain Repairs The Right Way

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Our plumbers know exactly what to do to return your drains to normal, without damaging your plumbing pipes. We do not use harsh chemicals or methods that will speed up pipe deterioration. All of our solutions prove safe on your plumbing and the environment to include excavation and pipe replacements.


What if I Need to Have My Pipes Repiped?

Water pipes and comparable connections are all designed to last for decades; however, they will inevitably degrade from their best use and require replacement by a plumbing professional. Alamo Plumbing Solutions are equipped to handle a full fledged pipe replacement for your home or business.

Perhaps you may not have the knowledge of whether you need your pipes replaced as result of a have a Drain Repair done at your home or business. Here are a few signs to look for to help you and Alamo Plumbing Solutions determine if you need your pipes replaced.

  • Do you have poor water pressure?
  • Foul smelling or yellowish water; (this can indicate pipe corrosion)
  • Continual water leaks that damage walls and floors
  • Metallic sediment in you water supply


Sewer Pipe Repair

Pipe replacement underground is refreshing and guarantees you a peace of mind. Alamo Plumbing Solutions truly enjoys the act of serving you when you need a professional plumber who knows what they are doing.