Hydrostatic Test - Leak Detection

Hydrostatic testing is a precise pressure test that is done to identify any visual leaks or deformities present in the plumbing systems.  We fill the lines with an in-compressible liquid, shut off the supply valves and test to make sure proper pressure is maintained throughout the system.  We also do a visual inspection of all the pipes to look for any leaks or distortions in the shape of the pipe that can indicate there is damage or weaknesses in the line.  We also test its strength.  If any leaks or weaknesses are detected, we repair or replace the sections of the pipe that need it.

Pressure Test 

Hydrostatic tests are essential to help determine leak detection and ensuring the plumbing system has the right amount of pressure.  With the effective use of the hydrostatic pressure test, we can identify and address leaks, keep your water bills down and help to protect the infrastructure of your home or business.  Our skill and expertise at administering and interpreting this type of leak and pressure test is one reason San Antonio relies heavily Alamo Plumbing Solutions.  When it comes to handling the processes it takes to ensure your plumbing system works properly, Alamo Plumbing is the best plumbing company to contact.

Leak Detection

The leak detection tests we perform on residential and commercial plumbing systems are essential for verifying the safety and integrity of your plumbing system.  Leaks in the plumbing system can lead to serious problems.  It can allow water to seep into and rot walls and floors.  Leaks can also dramatically reduce water pressure and lead to unnecessarily high water and energy bills. That’s why regularly performing hydrostatic tests is so important.  The insidious damage caused by leaks can even weaken the foundation of a commercial or residential property and lead to the need for very expensive repairs.

The Hydrostatic Pressure Test 

Local building codes require that a visual inspection of commercial and residential pipes be done at least every five to ten years.  This testing frequency may be increased to every two years depending on how the water pipes are being used and the number of years they have been in place.  In addition to a visual inspection, the hydrostatic pressure tests should also be done periodically to monitor the strength, structural integrity and safety of the pipes in commercial and residential structures.  If you have an older home or business that has not been tested recently, contact us today to discuss scheduling the appropriate hydrostatic tests. 

Corrosion Detection

We perform the hydrostatic testing carefully to ensure it doesn’t cause corrosion in the pipes.  We also use special chemicals that help to protect the pipes from becoming corroded.  We also carefully discharge all the water that was in the plumbing system during the test.  This further helps to prevent corrosion and make sure your entire plumbing system is safe, strong and secure.  We have advanced training and years of experience using this type of plumbing pressure test for leak detection in commercial and residential plumbing.  The hydrostatic pressure test is one of the best ways to ensure there are no leaks in residential or commercial plumbing systems.  

We Work With You To Find A Solution

During a hydrostatic test on pipelines and plumbing, we use special dyes that make visual leak detection easier.  The hydrostatic test also enables is to measure for permanent deformation and the strength of the pipes throughout any plumbing system.  In the plumbing industry, hydrostatic testing is a commonly used method employed to help to maintain the durability of pipes and make sure they continue to meet all applicable safety standards over time.  We also use modified hydrostatic testing to re-qualify pipes at regular intervals.  This plumbing pressure test ensures no leaks or weaknesses have developed in the pipes in the plumbing system.

Why San Antonio Hires Alamo Plumbing Solutions For Hydrostatic Testing

Conducting hydrostatic tests can be a complex, hazardous process.  It must be performed by specially trained, plumbing professional using the proper plumbing tools and equipment.  Our experienced plumber pros adhere to all safety procedures and relevant technical standards.  The health and safety of our clients is top priority and our plumbing pros use extreme caution when administering hydrostatic tests to reduce the risks associated with the process. These tests and procedures can be performed in your home or business. Our friendly pro staff will ensure the testing process is fast, safe and easy. With that, our team members wear appropriate safety gear and ensure high pressure liquid and pressurized hoses are properly secured at all times.

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