Isolation Testing

Leak Detection Testing

Isolation Testing for LEAK is needed to isolate hot or cold water lines & Isolation testing is needed to determine what drain line or sewer line is leaking.

Isolation Test

The majority of homes in San Antonio are built with “slab construction”. This means, instead of crawl spaces or basements, home builders not longer include basements into the home design. Instead, homes are built directly on a pavement foundation sitting flush with the ground. For this, leak detection methods are needed to determine slab leaks.

Imagine seeing a plumbing drain system laying out on top of the ground. It would look like a tree with a lot of branches going in different directions. Isolation Testing blocks the branches in temporal order or sequence and tests each one for leaks by way of hydrostatic testing until the specific branch or area with the leak is found. This kind of testing should be done by a certified technician who has the experience to do so. 

Alamo Plumbing Solutions carries the proper tools to perform leak detection. We have what it takes to perform the job right the first time!

Alamo Plumbing Solutions - Isolation Testing

Leak Detection: Camera Testing

Some problems are stubborn and hard to locate. However, they can be quickly located as most cameras have radio position transmitters that can be used by a radio frequency detector carried by hand above the foundation through the building. This technology is used by our skilled technicians who are more stubborn than any leak and are determined to solve the problem. Alamo Plumbing Solutions is your choice for locating and resolving any leak.