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Leak Detection

Why is it necessary to have accurate Leak Detection? Because underneath your home, business and yard is an intricate network of pipelines, storage tanks, pumps to provide commercial and municipal properties the water they need.

Detection is Critical

Accurate and timely Leak Detection is vitally important in order to ensure your system is operating properly. And whether it’s for drinking, fire protection, cooking or some other uses, this systems functionality is vital.

Nonetheless, while residential and commercial pipes are meant to weather external pressure, constant wear, corrosion brought on by exposure to the harsh Texas elements, nothing is fail proof. Pipe bursts, pinhole leaks, and cracked fixtures are all too common in the plumbing industry. But with the inevitable comes the passion of the Alamo Plumbing Solutions technician to use technology to detect leaks.

What To Do if You Think You Have a Leak

If you know you have a Leak or think you might have a Leak, contact Alamo Plumbing Solutions™. Our experienced and skilled Leak Detection professionals use cutting-edge technology and non-invasive methods to accurately locate the problem. We understand that you don’t want or need construction to add to the stress of dealing with a blocked or burst pipe, which is why our Leak Detection methods do not require digging trenches.