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Pipe Locating

Pipe Locating is central to repairing lines located underground. And without a tried and true way to find hidden/buried lines, your plumber may spend unnecessary time and energy digging and searching your property while costing you money.

Pipe Locating

Locating underground utilities is becoming more of a challenge as the vast array of lines in the ground continues to increase. As the ground under our feet becomes more congested with utility lines, it’s vital to identify the location of utilities — gas, fiber, water, telecommunications and sewer — to ensure the safety of your crew and protect your bottom line. Alamo Plumbing Solutions uses current technology to achieve this.


How it's done

Basically, locating underground lines is similar to tuning into your favorite radio station. Each station transmits a different signal, and locators are like a radio designed to pick up those signals. These signals help identify the exact location of an underground pipe line. The accuracy is astounding and rewarding for both you and Alamo Plumbing Solutions.