Avoid Freezing Pipes

During Winter Season

How do you keep your pipes from freezing in the winter?

Pipes are devices that handle running water all the time, but as we know water reacts to temperature differences and there is a possibility of water freezing during low temperatures. This would heavily damage the pipes and can cause breakage.

So, it is important for us to practice some steps to prevent freezing pipes. Let us see in this article the best steps that can be followed to safeguard our pipes from freezing.

Flow Of Warm Air

If you have your pipes within closed doors or in a closed environment, you can open those doors to let the warm airflow through the pipes.

For example, most of the pipes under the sink have doors that can be opened during the repair process. During low temperatures, you can open these doors, so that the warm air from your room can flow over these pipes to warm it down.

Although this seems easy and simple, this small step can give good results over the long term.

Dripping Water Faucets

If you are going out of town for a few days during winter, you can try this option to prevent your pipes from getting freeze. Although this is not a sure shot proof, this method can reduce the probability of freezing pipes.

Instead of closing all your faucets, allow one or two faucets to drip. It is difficult for water to freeze when it is moving, so allowing the water to drip enables it to move continuously in the pipes.

Even though it is a small movement within the pipes, it can give good results and, in most cases, can prevent mishaps due to freezing temperatures.

Insulating Pipes With Styrofoam

If we can prevent the pipes from getting in contact with the outside temperature, then we can prevent freezing. The best example of this is using a Styrofoam cup to cover the faucets and sealing it to the wall.

This would prevent the pipes from getting in contact with the cold temperatures outside and can prevent freezing.

Disconnect Your Hose

When you are washing your car or garage, you would most probably connect a hose to the faucet to get water from the pipes.

Now, when you leave the hose connected to the faucets, it can easily freeze the water during low temperatures. So, it is advisable to disconnect the hose from the pipes during low temperatures.

Pipe Replacement Costs

There are two types of pipes that are commonly used in most homes, PVC and cast iron. PVC is the more flexible option while cast iron piping is more durable. If you are not sure which pipes to choose from, choosing the second option is the best option.


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