Tunnel Repair: Pipe Replacement

Pipe Replacement Process

Pipe leaks can occur at any time during any season. In most cases, Alamo Plumbing Solutions is able to detect leaks with our camera inspection. In some situations, there may be multiple leaks for which we would recommend replacement.

Multiple leaks start to wear down further and can cause major property damage. For this, we inspect the tunnel repair and pipe replacement throughout the property. 

When should the pipe be replaced?

The most commonly used pipe type is galvanized pipe, these types of pipe can get rusted quickly. But, unlike other materials these pipes rust from inside, these rusts are hard to detect and can be found only after the leakage.

When pipes start to get rusted, then the leakages happen in multiple places, and because of this the whole piping system deteriorates, and it becomes impossible to use the pipes in the house.

When facing these types of scenarios, there is no better option other than to re-pipe the whole house. This helps in the long-term stability of the pipes and there won’t be any risk of the pipes getting damaged again.

Cover the working area

Workers would drill the walls to access the pipes, this would cause a lot of dust around the working area. So, it is advisable to cover the working area before starting the pipe replacement work.

This would make sure that there won’t be any dust and that things remain clean even after the completion of the work.

Drain out the water

The next step is to shut off the water supply and drain the water from the pipes by opening up the faucets. 

Removing the Pipes

After draining the water completely, the team can start making holes in both the walls and the floor. These holes should be moderate in size and should be made in limited numbers, so we don’t the whole house to get damaged to replace the pipes.

These holes should be made according to the piping connection present in the building. At first, the pipes that are connected to sinks, washing machines, heaters, and many other similar devices should be removed. After removing those pipes, other pipes can be removed through the holes made before.

Fixing the Pipe

After removing the pipe, the new pipe can be fixed using fittings and after fixing the pipe, the team should check the pressure level in the newly fitted pipes. Right pressure flow is necessary to prevent any damage to the pipes.

Underground Pipe Replacement

When a sewer line is ruptured, it can often lead to a lot of damage. The pipe may have started leaking, or the entire sewer line may have collapsed. A broken sewer line can result in sewage backing up into your home or business, which can lead to an extremely dangerous situation.


During a heavy rainstorm, a sudden gush of water in a pipe can cause flooding. In a situation like this, the best way to solve the problem is to replace the damaged section of the pipe. During most of our service calls, we see the most common sewer repair is caused by deterioration of the pipelines. 

Pipe Replacement Costs

There are two types of pipes that are commonly used in most homes, PVC and cast iron. PVC is the more flexible option while cast iron piping is more durable. If you are not sure which pipes to choose from, choosing the second option is the best option.

Our Master Plumber (M# 39431) and plumbing professionals have the industry experience to get the job done right. This allows us to pass the savings on to our customers making tunnel repair and pipe replacement affordable. 

Contact us today and we’ll dispatch a professional plumber near you to come out and inspect your issue. This will allow you to determine replacement costs for your property.

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