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Tunnel Inspection Step-By-Step

There are different ways to test a leak, but if you have multiple leakages in a certain area of your plumbing network then it becomes difficult to find out all the leakages.

Also, in most cases, the leakage would be present under the yard or under the building structure. In both these scenarios, we would require a tunnel inspection to find out the leak.

Is Tunnel Inspection Required?

In general, compared to all other inspection processes, tunnel inspection is expensive and requires manpower and equipment to complete the repair work.

So, for every kind of leakage, we should not start digging the tunnel, the first step that we have to take is to find the leakage area.

Step 1: Find Leakage Area

This is the first step followed by an experienced plumber, the plumber can use different tests like pressure gauge tests, test plugs, and cameras to locate the leak area.

Depending on the leakage area, we can decide if we have an option to directly access the leakage area by digging out the floor. In some cases, there can be multiple cracks and the location may not be accessible through direct digging, in those situations we can use the process of tunnel inspection.

Step 2: Compare the cost

You might have heard from many plumbers that digging the floor straight to the leakages without using a tunnel can be a big mess. It can destroy your flooring and it can be a big hindrance to doing your day-to-day chores within your home.

Although, they are right to some extent if the leakage area is accessible through the floor and if the cost of direct repair is lesser than the tunneling then you can move forward with the direct repair process.

In many cases accessing the leakage directly by digging out the floor without using a tunnel can save a lot of time and money.

What to do after the inspection?

Once the inspection is completed, the plumber will have a clear idea of the locations of the cracks. If the tunnel is necessary, then the tunnel can be dug towards the leakage location.

Also, we would be able to know whether the leak is fixable or whether we have to replace the whole piping system. In most cases, the leakages can be fixed locally and the tunnel can be closed.

It is also necessary to get the required permits for the workers who are getting into the tunnel to do the repair work.

As we understood from the above points, fixing a leakage through tunneling requires a lot of resources and in some cases, it is not required. When it is not required, considering the cost we can opt to fix the leakage directly by accessing it through the floor.

So, in short, we must consider many factors before we start to tunnel our way to the leakage area. After completing the inspection, we can identify the leaks and can fix them. Now that we have understood the inspection criteria and what to do after inspection, we can repair our plumbing system effectively.

Our Master Plumber (M# 39431) and plumbing professionals have the industry experience to get the job done right. This allows us to pass the savings on to our customers making tunnel repair and pipe replacement affordable. 

Contact us today and we’ll dispatch a professional plumber near you to come out and inspect your issue. This will allow you to determine replacement costs for your property.

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