Alamo Plumbing Solutions -Sewer Leak

Sewer Leaks

Any leak on your plumbing system can be hard to detect, and also to diagnose. Sewer leaks can often be mistaken for a leak on a water supply line. A sewer leak on your drain line, or main sewer line, can also damage your property.

Sewer Leaks can cause damage

Standing or ponding (unwanted pooling of water) water from a leaking sewer pipes are also a health hazard to you and your entire family, and frequently goes misdiagnosed. Leaking drain pipes can also undermine your drain system and cause sags and separations. A sewer leak inside your home can damage sheet rock, floors, carpentry, and other valuable objects such as cabinets. Left unattended a leaking sewer water can lead to mold, and more serious structural damage. A leaking sewer water on your main house drain or house sewer can also cause extensive damage if ignored.


Alamo Plumbing Solutions-Sewer Leak Repair

Repairing a Sewer Leak

Here is where a licensed plumber comes in hand. The skill set is well above that of a handy man or a homeowner. Alamo Plumbing Solutions Technicians are not only knowledgeable but experienced plumbers and ready to repair and restore.

Sewer Leak cost

Repairing a sewer line can be a complex and expensive repair. The proper diagnoses is vital and so is the accurate locating of the actual leak. Alamo Plumbing Solutions is dedicated to providing great sewer line repair service and doing so at a minimal cost to you. And even though cost is our number one objective we also want to place the same passion to repair the system while cutting no corners.