Sewer Scope Services

Are you a first-time homebuyer or selling your home? We know home inspections can make or break a home sale or purchase.

Sewer Scope

One such important part of house inspection is plumbing!

You can easily appraise a house’s plumbing and avoid being blindsided by thousands of dollars in repair costs by ordering a simple sewer scope drain inspection service.

A sewer scope is a type of drain inspection service that makes use of sewer camera inspection to check the state of your plumbing. Although it is a powerful drain inspection on its own, it is usually carried out alongside hydrostatic testing and pressure tests.

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What You Should Know About Sewer Scope Services

Sewer scope services are not as complicated as they sound and it usually takes only several hours to conduct one on a medium-sized property.

Here are the main things you should know about sewer scope services:

Benefits and Risks

Importance of Identifying the Damage to Your Plumbing Through Sewer Scope Services

Here are some of the benefits of using sewer scope services to identify damage to your plumbing:

    1. You get peace of mind by knowing the exact state of the plumbing system of the property you are looking to buy.

    2. It can save you thousands of dollars in repairs by revealing the state of a property’s plumbing system before you commit yourself to buy it.

    3. A sewer camera inspection can serve as proof for your housing insurance claims.

    4. It is simpler to carry out as compared to other methods that may involve digging up entire sections of your plumbing.

    5. It is an effective way of finding major flaws in your plumbing system.

    6. It is cheaper than other methods of sewer inspection.

Risks of Using Sewer Scope Services

    1. A sewer camera inspection is not effective in finding small leaks.

    2. It cannot be used to check for the structural integrity of pipes such as pressure handling.

    3. It may not be covered by your insurance policy.


Depending on the extensiveness of damage, the time needed on the site, and the complexity of the plumbing system, a sewer camera inspection usually costs between $100 to $500.

What Causes Plumbing Issues?

There are many things that may cause plumbing issues:

    1. Tree Roots Causing Piping Issues

When you lay your sewer line close to trees and vegetation, it becomes more vulnerable to root intrusion. This is because sewage is rich in nutrients and even the smallest leak in your sewer line is enough to attract roots from trees which will bore through your sewer line and cause a blockage.

Always avoid installing your sewer lines in areas close to vegetation.

    1. Pipe Collapse Caused By Shifting Soil

Sometimes the soil under your sewer line may shift downwards and leave your sewer line unsupported. Over time, this may cause your sewer line to dip downward. Sewage may collect in this dip and cause a blockage.

    1. Aging

Most of the time, plumbing issues are caused by aging pipes. In such cases, the pipes used in the plumbing have usually outlived their effectiveness and need to be replaced. Depending on the type of pipes uses, most plumbing systems need replacement every 30 years or so.

    1. Flushing Paper and Garbage Down Your Drain

The main cause of most drain blockages is people flushing paper, sanitary towels, diapers and garbage down their drains. Plumbing systems are designed to handle only water and human waste therefore they get blocked easily when anything else is flushed down the drain. 

To prevent blockages, avoid flushing garbage down your drain.

    1. Pouring Grease Down the Drain

Although many people think nothing of it, pouring grease down your drain can easily block your plumbing. Grease cools and solidifies quickly and sticks to the inner surface of your plumbing causing it to get narrower over time.

As a result, your plumbing gets blocked.

To avoid this, always package your grease in boxes and put them in the garbage instead of pouring it down your drains.

    1. Parking and Operating Large Vehicles and Machinery Over Your Sewer Line

Similar to shifting soil, parking and operating heavy vehicles and machinery over your sewer line may force it to dip downwards due to its weight. 

This then causes sewage to pool in the dip and cause blockages.

To prevent this, avoid parking or operating heavy vehicles and machinery on your sewer line.

Should I Get a Sewer Scope Inspection Before My Home Purchase?

Definitely! You should always insist on a thorough sewer inspection of a property before you commit yourself to buy it. This will give you more leverage during the purchasing process as you will know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Should I Get a Sewer Scope Inspection for My Older Home or Rental?

Yes. If your property’s plumbing is less than 10 years old, you should get inspected at least once every year. On the other hand, if your property’s plumbing is more than 10 years old, you should get it inspected once every 6 months.

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