Signs of Sewer Clog

Slow drains & water back up

4 Signs of Sewer Clogs

Every household gets a sewer clog at one point in time. Most of the time, these incidents are easy to fix using just a plunger or a homemade unclogging solution. Other times, home remedies don’t work and this may leave you wondering what’s wrong with your plumbing. You already know that something is wrong but you can’t quite figure it out.

If you fear that the clog is serious, contact us for your sewer cleaning services. For San Antonio and surrounding areas, homeowners rely on Alamo Plumbing Solutions! We offer the best sewer repair services in the city.

Sometimes, the clog might be bigger than you thought. If you suspect that your problem is within your main plumbing area, here are some signs that you should look out for.

Prevent Sewer Clogs


All Your Drains Are Slow

This sign is at the top of our list. Multiple slow drains are one of the early warning signs that your main sewer line is at least partially blocked. This may be caused by hair, sludge, or scale constricting the walls of your main drain line. When your drains start to show signs of slow drainage, contact us immediately to assist in getting the issue looked at before further the line gets completely blocked.

There’s Water Backing Up from Multiple Drains

If you didn’t notice and fix the slow drains, water backing up from them is sure to follow. When the partial clog is not removed, it grows into an even bigger clog that blocks your main. In such cases, water flowing down one drain has nowhere to go so it flows out of another drain in your house.

Smelly sewage water coming out of multiple drains is a sure sign that your main sewer line is clogged.

There Are Small Pieces of Tree Roots in The Backed-Up Water

Since a big section of the main sewer line is located outside the house, it may sometimes be blocked by tree roots that have bored through the line. When you notice small pieces of roots in the water backing up from your drain, it could mean a tree is the cause of the issue. 

Your Sewer Cleanout Is Leaking

A sewer cleanout is usually located in the yard. It is a Y-shaped pipe connected to the main drain line. You can easily spot it on the ground by its caps that are usually marked cleanout or sewage. Sewage cleanouts are used to grant easy access to the main sewer line for inspection. When the water is unable to drain properly, sewage may leak from the sewer cleanout. You can easily notice this by the smell or the lush growth around the sewer cleanout.

Ensure Proper Water Flow

Our plumber technicians check to ensure adequate water flow from most drains. In most cases, these drains can be inpected under your kitchen sink or bathroom sink.

Contact us today and we’ll schedule a licensed plumber to check slow drains or water backup on your property. 

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