Water Heater Repair

The truth is that every home has a water heater of some sort. Alamo Plumbing Solutions prides itself on helping homeowners keep their Hot Water Heater working in top shape when a Water Heater Repair is needed. Whether it’s gas, electric, or tankless, in your crawlspace, utility room or attic, single or multiple unit setups, water heaters are essential to everyday comfort. Water heaters come in a variety of sizes (capacities) and designs and have several applications. But they all perform the same function, which is to efficiently provide you with hot water for all of your plumbing needs. Like any other plumbing fixtures, water heaters don’t last forever, and will eventually need replacing or repaired.
Water Heater Repair

In the Texas area, gas water heaters are the most common type found in residential plumbing applications. They use a small flow of natural gas to ignite/catch fire a burner assembly at the bottom of the heater inside a combustion chamber, raising the temperature of the water inside the tank above it. Gas water heaters are popular because of their comparatively low price, high efficiency, and good lifespan (anywhere between 8-14 years average).

The gas Hot Water Heater has a fairly fast recovery rate (the speed at which the water inside the tank reheats itself after being completely emptied of hot water) and can be preset to temperatures as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit. They direct the heat generated by the combustion chamber through the flu, or vent pipe at the top of the heater. This vent pipe usually joins into the vent system for the home’s heating and air unit. There are various sizes for gas water heaters, as they range from the standard 40 gallons, all the way up to large residential and commercial size units surpassing 100 gallons. We install and service them all at Alamo Plumbing Solutions.

Our repair technicians are eager to have your Hot Water Heater working in tip top condition. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today for an estimate and have us arrive promptly for you.