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As a home or property owner, you know there is a natural gas line carrying natural gas from the meter to the inside of your home. Be sure to have your natural gas pipes periodically inspected by a licensed plumber to help identify and repair any corrosion and leakage that could be causing unsafe conditions.

Signs You Have a Gas Leak In Your Home

LookDead or dying vegetation near gas pipeline areas or exposed pipeline after an earthquake, flood or other disaster.

SmellIn its pure form, natural gas is invisible, tasteless and odorless. This is why natural gas companies add Mercaptans (Thiol), a sulfer-like odorant used to indicate the “smell of natural gas”. Many recognize this as a “rotten egg” smell.

Listen – Listen for a hissing or roaring sound coming from areas near natural gas lines.

Alamo Plumbing Solutions -Gas Leak

Gas Leak

Gas leaks are commonly caused by old pipes that have worn down due to age or corrosion or some other time acting agent. At different times, gas leaks come about due to work being done on the existing gas line system.

Gas Leak (Important)

If the gas company affirms there is a natural gas leak, it will pull the gas meter and shut off your service until the gas leak is fixed. In order to restore gas service, a master plumber must pull a city permit, repair the leak, and bring any code infractions into compliance before gas service can be restored to your property. This is done to protect you and those near you.


Restoring Gas Line Services

Alamo Plumbing Solutions master plumbers have the experience needed when it comes to setting up initial gas service and restoring gas service. If your property has been vacant for more than one year, you’re required to have a city permit from a master plumber in order to restore gas service to your home or business. We will be glad to help restore things to their proper working order. So call us at 210-607-LEAK and allow the experts test for leaks, restore your gas line services or inspect your current gas system.