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Are you looking for a plumbing company in San Antonio or a local area nearby? Alamo Plumbing Solutions is a locally owned plumbing company with over 17 years of professional plumbing experience providing plumbing services to a wide variety of homes and businesses throughout San Antonio. Our trained and certified plumbing technicians can solve your commercial plumbing repair and residential plumbing repair quickly and efficiently while maintaining the high standards and competitive prices.


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Tunnel Repair

Our experienced team of Master Plumber & Plumbing Professionals is dedicated to maintaining and restoring the integrity of tunnels, ensuring the safety and longevity of these essential structures. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, we tackle even the most challenging tunnel repair projects, so you can have peace of mind knowing your tunnels are in capable hands. Discover how our comprehensive tunnel repair services can enhance the durability and performance of your underground assets. 

Drain Services

Plumbing and Drain services provided by ALAMO PLUMBING SOLUTIONS are always backed with a warranty. Using the latest technology and products to perform quality plumbing and drain services, we specialize in drain cleaning, drain clogs, drain leaks, drain repairs and any drain replacements.

Sewer Lines Services

Sewer Cleaning and sewer repairs is our specialty. Alamo Plumbing Solutions is experienced and ready to repair or replace any Sewer Line problem you may run into. Your homeowners insurance might not include sewer lines. Before a sewer line backup necessitates an expensive repair, check if your homeowners insurance policy covers sewer pipe repair or pipe replacement. If not, financing is available to those who qualify.

Drain Repair, Drain Cleaning, Drain Inspection, Drain Camera Inspection

Leak Detection

Water Heater


When you call us out for a rooter drain cleaning service, you benefit from our sewer-camera inspection and video-tape service. Using a sophisticated fiber-optic camera, we check to see whether your pipes have been crushed, broken, punctured, or damaged in any way. The video images identify why the stoppage occurred, and what needs to be done to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.


Emergency plumbing problems don’t always occur where they are easy to reach. LEAKS, BREAKS, CLOGS and other troubles with underground lines have the potential to be as expensive to fix as they are difficult to find and reach. Locating plumbing lines is key to repairing underground lines.


Hydrostatic testing and static testing is our specailty. Leak detection can be very complicated at times. We actually enjoy leak detection and can sometimes find the leak a lot quicker than your average plumber. Hydrostatic testing can be very time consuming. Hydrostatic leak testing can be complicated if you dont know how to do proper steps and procedures to find the leak.


SLAB LEAKS are normally a water leak that can be found below or in your foundation. Slab Leaks may require a special type of testing. Leak test or testing for leaks under your slab is a type water test used to determine what type water or drain leak you have. It can require a PINPOINT and ISOLATION TEST. This type of testing is used to split your hot and cold water on your domestic plumbing system in the foundation. Slab leaks are fast and easily found when using the proper equipment. Many times your leak testing can be on your drain system as well. Drain or sewer leaks also in the foundation require a testing.

Removing Tree Roots

If your whole house is backed up, you probably have a clog or break in your sewer line. Common causes of sewer line clogs include:

   – Tree root infiltration

   –  Flushing baby wipes, paper towels, q-tips, and other non biodegradable items down the toilet. Alamo Plumbing Solutions takes care of all sewer and fixture clogs, sewer line repair and replacement (city and septic), and sewer pipe location services. With state of the art equipment ranging from hand tools to cameras to 3/4hp rooting machines we have the technology to take care of a poor flushing toilet to a whole house backing up.

We specialize in removing all causes for clogs and stoppage. Our goal always is to have your plumbing needs met and to do so at a competitive price.

So, contact Alamo Plumbing Solutions today and see how we can help you solve your plumbing needs. Don’t forget to visit our coupon saving section above and use one of our digital coupons. We want your experience to be of the utmost value to you. Or call us @ (210) 607-LEAK.


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