Sewer Line Replacement

If drain cleaning fails to address the issue, then a sewer line repair or replacement may be needed.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage

There are a variety of reasons why a sewer line can become damaged. We state the main factors below; 

Severe Pipe Damage

Broken and damaged sewage pipes can often be the reason for sewer line damage. The damage can lead to blocked up drains, and it can also lead to frequent backups. Pipe damage can be caused by corrosion or a rupture. 

Tree Root Infiltration 

Another common cause of sewer line damage is tree root infiltration. This can occur with older sewer lines that can be constructed out of porous materials. Roots from trees can expand over time, and may eventually find their way into a pipe. 

Flushing Debris Down the Drain

One of the most common man-made causes of a clogged sewer is flushing debris and grease down the drain. The toilet is only for human waste and tissue paper; however, sometimes, people tend to use it as their trash can. Hot grease and debris can lead to a clogged sewer, and prolonged flushing of these items will eventually cause serious drain damage. 

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Signs of Sewer Line Damage

There are a few key signs that will indicate sewer line damage, and it is important to notice these signs early so that you can minimize the damage. 

Regular Drain Backups

One of the most common signs of sewer line damage is frequent backups in your drain. Rather than wasting your money on drain cleaners, you should call a team of professionals. Regular clogs should never be ignored as they can quickly lead to permanent damage. 

Multiple Clogged Drains

Another sign of sewer line damage is clogging that occurs throughout the home. An isolated incident can have a variety of causes; however, regular clogging of multiple fixtures such as the shower and toilet drain indicates that there is a serious problem with the sewer line. 

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Residential Sewer Line Replacement

The home is one place where nobody ever wants to see a clogged sewer. You should always rely on a professional to perform any type of drain related tasks in your home. Alamo Plumbing Solutions are a business that understands the needs of homeowners, and we are dedicated to solving all sewer issues as fast as possible. When a replacement is needed, we carefully discuss all of the options available to you. We use innovative methods such as a video inspection camera to identify the problem and fix it efficiently. This means that you can minimize the inconvenience caused in your home. Our modern yet cost-effective methods allow us to cause the least disruption to your home and backyard. 

Commercial Sewer Line Replacement

A clogged sewer in a commercial property can be hugely damaging for any business. Whilst a clog is ongoing, you risk losing customers, and they’re also maybe a health and safety hazard for employees. Therefore, it is vital to diagnose the issue and get it resolved professionally as soon as possible. Alamo Plumbing Solutions have years of experience in commercial sewer line replacement, which makes us a top choice for your business. Our innovative methods, combined with our state of the art equipment, mean that we can provide replacements that are fully fit for purpose. We provide a reliable commercial sewer line replacement service that will allow your business to get back on its feet as quickly as possible. 

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Sewer Line Repair Options


There is a range of sewer line repair options available. The traditional method involves using a backhoe to dig up the surrounding area. This allows a plumber to gain access to the problem area, and it is refilled once the issue is resolved. In some cases, this will be the only option available.

However, many homes and commercial properties can benefit from trenchless repair. This method involves making small access holes around the pipe area. The new pipe can then be pulled through with ease. The advantage of this method is that it causes far less damage to a backyard or area around a home. It also means that less damage will occur to a commercial property, which means you can get back to business far sooner. A lower amount of dirt is disturbed, which makes it easier to restore. Alamo Plumbing Solutions have years of experience with trenchless repair solutions, and we will talk you through it every step of the way. 

Sewer Clog Repair Options

There will be times where a sewer clog can be repaired without the need for replacement. We always assess the situation to see if a repair is viable.  One method of repairing sewer clogs involves pipe relining. This provides new pipes from the inside out. Additionally, sleeves can be added to existing sewer pipes to prevent cracks. We also offer a hydraulic replacement, which involves bringing in a new sewer pipe. Our professionals are always on call to discuss sewer clog repair options. 

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