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Alamo Plumbing Solutions Sewer Cleaning Services are right for you. In today’s do-it-yourself culture, almost every homeowner has a few essential tool on hand to deal with common sewer problems such as backed up drains, slow drains, and overflowing toilets. Knowing when to handle the issue yourself and when to call a professional is crucial, as many situations call for the skill and knowledge of an expert. This is important to not only solve the problem, but to keep your home’s sewage system functional.

Sewer Cleaning not only keeps you safe but your neighbors and business areas as well. Call us TODAY and get a free quote!

Common Sewer Drain Problems & When to Call the Pro’s

When the water in your sink, toilet or tub won’t go away, you probably have a partial or complete clog. Most of the time, you can unclog the pipe yourself. If the clog is extremely large or located deep in the pipe, then you will probably need to call a pro. The first thing you want to do is pour commercial drain cleaners into the problematic drain. If the clog isn’t large, this will be sufficient to dislodge it and get the drain back to normal. Make sure you don’t use too much of the products, as they can cause damage to the piping material which can lead to expensive replacements.


If drain cleaners are not working,there are a few ways to solve the clogged drain yourself:                          

  • Check the garbage disposal. If it’s clogged, use a plunger to remove the clog or force it down the drain.

  • If it’s not the garbage disposal, then you’ll want to use the plunger anyway. If it’s the sink that’s clogged, and you have two drains, hold a wet cloth tightly over one drain to seal it. Plunge up and down vigorously for twenty seconds or so, popping the plunger off the drain on the last pull stroke.

  • Use a ‘snake’ (or ‘hand auger’). Thread the tip of the snake into the drain stub-out, and start turning the crank clockwise to feed it into the pipe. If the cable hits an obstruction, continue cranking until the tip breaks through the clog. Once you are through the clog, turn the lever counterclockwise to get it out of the drain. Tip: Keep a bucket handy, as you may get a large plug of material at the end of the cable. If the drain is still clogged, then it’s time to call a pluming pro like Alamo Plumbing Solutions to help you unclog it effectively.

Water & Sewer Line Repair

Let’s face it, a Sewer Line Repair and/or Replacement can be expensive and hard to properly diagnose. That’s why trust in a reputable plumbing company such as Alamo Plumbing Solutions is vital. Our approach to sewer repairs is methodical and intentional. Several methods can be used to accurately determine the cause of this type of damage and how to repair it as well. Here is what we do:

Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection

Many drain line problems are hard to locate and every bit as hard to diagnose. Many times a sewer line camera inspection is a great tool to make use of when these conditions exist. But just like many specialized tools it must be used properly to be effective. Perhaps even more importantly the sewer line video must be interpreted properly or an incorrect diagnosis can be made.

A sewer line camera inspection has unique identifiers. The video for the camera signals specific distances out from the point where the camera was inserted. Figuring how many feet of cable is inserted has in past times been quite inaccurate, so this is a marked improvement in terms of accuracy. Knowing the exact point of a problem also is very helpful in deciding what course of sewer repair action to take.


APS-residential-image-Camera Inspection

“A sewer line camera inspection can be very helpful. In the case of most sewer problems it can be the difference between a spot repair and a complete sewer replacement that would cost thousands of dollars more.”